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Day 2 In Organ Pipe

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I stayed west of Hwy 85 today for a little hikeage, more in to the heart of the monument.


Hiking down the wash

It was a lollipop route, from the trailhead down to Sentia Basin, around the basin loop trail and back.  A nice, easy, walk in the park, if you will.  Very little elevation change and other than a mile where you hike down a wash, it was all along the remnants of small “roads” (fire roads really, or more accurately, double-track) which used to connect local mining claims prior to this becoming a national monument.  Don’t be fooled by the clouds, still a lovely low 60’s day without even a breeze.

Coming out of the wash you arrive shortly at the north point of the Sentia Basin Loop trail, which is really a triangle.  There’s a convenient little hill from which I took this 360 pano of the basin.




View from East to West across Sentia Basin

Nice hike.  Afterwards I drove the few miles south to Lukeville on the border.  Not really anything to see there unless you are really turned on by border crossing inspection stations. vgwndhdcqzqscysn1rikmwTomorrow I had been planning to ride Puerto Blanco Drive which really jaunts out in to the desert and heart of the park, looping west, then south, then runs right along the border before running in to Hwy 85 which would return me to the campground.  That road however, thanks to our oh-so infantile President, is currently closed.


Guess I’ll have to come up with an alternate activity.



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