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On To Organ Pipe, Or SCREW YOU Mr President!

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After 7 weeks I’ve moved on from Tucson having only gotten to about half the things I wanted to.  That’s ok though, I’ve got no problem scheduling a return visit.  I really enjoyed it there.

I’ve come 150 miles west and a tiny bit south, nearly back on the Mexican border,


Organ Pipe Cactus

to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.  My trip here took me across on Route 86, right through the middle of the Tohon O’odham Nation reservation.  This highway isn’t in my Scenic Byways book, but it ought to be.  It’s a scenic ride through the southern Sonoran Desert. If you’re traveling through here I’d recommend it.  Just make sure you have gas in the tank as there are very few places to fill up.




screenshot 2019-01-08 16.10.26

Hwy 86 through Tohon O’odham Nation

It’s a pretty simple trip.  Head West for 130 miles and turn left at Why.  Not at the “Y” but at Why.  Why, Arizona, where I did stop for gas, at…….wait for it……Why Not.  There are a couple RV parks in Why, but I decided to Boondock and stay in the Monument itself.  Despite President Temper Tantrum shutting down the Gov’t, some parts of the NPS are still open.  The visitor center and some of the roads and backcountry campgrounds are closed in this park, but the main campground is


Why Not Travel Store and gas station

open.  Nobody here to check you in or anything, just kind of on the honor system.  And imagine this, there are people here, it’s not chaos or bedlam, no rules are being broken.  Sort of like we don’t need a government at all.  certainly not THIS government.  Just sayin’.




Cool fountain!

This is a huge and very nice campground.  Large sites with a lot of space and growth between.  Fairly level concrete pads in most and fantastic views all around.  As with most NPS campgrounds, no hook-ups.  No water, no power, no sewer.  No problem, I’m only here for 4 nights.  I came in with my freshwater tank full and holding tanks empty.  However, I think I may have some electrical system issues.  I’m pretty sure I should be able to make it through the night on my batteries with just the inverter running the refrigerator, but I woke up this morning to the inverter off and a low battery warning.  I didn’t run the heat so it was a chilly 48 degrees in the coach.  Warm and snuggly in bed, but gettin’ up to pee was an ordeal.  Then, my circuit breakers tripped while I was running the generator with two electric heaters going this morning.  That generator should supply plenty of power to run EVERYTHING, or so I think.  I’ll have to get this looked at when I get back to civilization.

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One thought on “On To Organ Pipe, Or SCREW YOU Mr President!

  1. You’re really living the life! I’m so happy for you.


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