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Frankfort Harbor

I found a gem in Michigan. ¬†Several actually. ¬†For reasons I will make clear shortly, I came for a few days, to Frankfort, Michigan along the northwest coast. ¬†I did not expect it to be the absolutely lovely, ¬†charming little town that it is. ¬†Something you might expect to find in New England really, with beautiful homes, and a “small town” thriving Main Street chock full of shops and restaurants.

Screenshot 2019-08-30 13.24.55Now as you can see, the weather was not particularly conducive to the real reason I came here. ¬†I’ve re-ignited my passion for golf and only a few miles down the shore sits Arcadia Bluffs, another of my long bucket list of courses. ¬†This is the one day when showers weren’t intermittent but the wind was up a bit. ¬†Now I’ve spent A LOT of $$$$ on golf this month and like most “famous” resorts, Arcadia Bluffs is not inexpensive. ¬†Given the weather, and the price, and the fact I will come back to this area of Michigan to explore more at some point, I called upon considerable willpower to forego playing……..this time. ¬†I did, of course, ride my bike.


Lake front park in Frankfort

Despite being along the lakeshore, this area is NOT flat, as you can see by the vertical profile above.  The dunes grow mighty here and some of them are quite steep with grades around 10% or 11%.  But they do offer some fabulous views.


bc8AAgpWS7apXKSIwF4+qAThe bluffs in the distance are the same upon which the golf course sits. ¬†Between lies the town of Arcadia, which is nearly as quaint as Frankfort. ¬†I’d never heard of Harriet Quimby, America’s first licensed female aviator. ¬†Sadly she died in a horrible accident at the age of 37 in 1912. aO06+QjeRsu0crO7r8EkCw



The day cleared up nicely as the afternoon progressed, which almost made me regret not having hit the links. ¬†Particularly when I rode through the resort near the southern end of my route. ¬†Believe me, I debated whether I should do that or not. ¬†It looked fantastic. ¬†That just hardened my…. resolve to return.


And what’s a ride without another turtle rescue????


If it looks like and ocean……and it sounds like and ocean…..but it doesn’t smell like and ocean………then it must be a Great Lake.


Interior to the lake it is beautiful, rolling farmland.  Acres and acres of cornfields and apple orchards.


This coming weekend I spend on the opposite side, along Lake Huron….. ¬†See ya then.


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