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Coastal GA

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There is nothing quite like the charm of southern coastal towns.  Yes, I realize they evoke the evil shadow of slavery, et. al., but moving beyond that, they are lovely and relaxing.  St Marys, Georgia is no exception.


Center of historic downtown St Marys

The St Marys river is the border between Georgia and Florida and was, in fact, the international border between the United States and Spain.  The historic downtown area is filled with oak lined streets and well preserved houses from darn near the town’s 18th Century founding all the way up through today.


St Marys River and the coastal marshes

St Marys houses

fullsizeoutput_1cddThe riverfront offers several restaurants and bars, a beautiful park and promenade area, ferry access to Cumberland Island National Seashore (the only way to get there is by this ferry, or to paddle the 7 miles on your own) and an interesting little “history walk” detailing the ebbs and flows of the town life and industry through the centuries. tEPMWFxETF+WBEtBDcsl+g



I, of course was camped a few miles north in Crooked River State Park, but there are several quaint Bed and Breakfast establishments in the historic district as well.  Crooked River State Park, by the way, has a fabulous campground if you’re so inclined.  It also has direct access to many miles of “river trails” if paddling is your thing.





Between the historic district and Crooked River State Park lies Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay.  Home to a large portion of America’s strategic defense.


Yes, that’s a submarine.  Ok, well, it’s the sail of a submarine, on top of a concrete reproduction of a submarine hull.



Quite the mix of history and modernity.

And now I’ve returned to Florida for the winter.  There may be postings……there may not.    We’ll see how things go…….


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