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Congaree and “Fore!”

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So, you may have noticed, I’ve been away for a while, which is a strange thing to say, since living on the road means I’m always away from somewhere.  No great tragedies or catastrophes to speak of.  I just kinda took a break from posting.  Not too much to post about after I left Nashville as I’ve been somewhat winding down for the winter.

From the Music City I made my way to Florida and a family event.  Spent another couple of weeks in the horrendous heat and humidity before making my way up through Georgia to South Carolina and Congaree National Park. MqoB9b1RSaOPs7vwLL5DDQ

What??? Where????  I’m guessing you’ve never heard of it.  Not one of the more popular National Parks.  About 20 miles outside of Columbia, SC it has been protected land for 0JBWgT8ASKuQSed1iYzK6gquite a long time, but only became a National Park in 2003.  It is perhaps the last, “old growth bottomland hardwood forest” left in the eastern United States.  Which really means…….it’s mostly a great big swamp.  Most of the park is flood plain of the Congaree River.  When it’s dry enough, which I gather is a good part of  the year, there are several dozen miles of hiking trails and paddling available on Cedar Creek in the park’s interior.   However, make sure you plan your trip well because apparently in the rainy season, the river can overflow it’s banks by 10 feet or so, completely submerging even the raised wooden walkways.  It was pretty rainy during my stay in the area which meant some squishy trails, but nothing so bad as flooded over.  Not really the most exciting or spectacular of National Parks, but my day there was a beautiful day of hiking around for several hours.  Scenically beautiful, that is.  Weather wise it was mostly cloudy, hot and humid.SupLBu6bRBa1R8NAfQs3Xg

One more National Park off the list.

g1v%oYdySM+x5HrVKsRZ5AFrom here I went to the Ocean, where the weather improved greatly, to play golf, of course.  Myrtle Beach, SC is one of America’s premier golf destinations with well over 100 courses stretching across a 50-ish mile swath from the very southern part of North Carolina down to Pawley’s Island.  Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the nefarious details of my rounds, but photographic proof is surely in order….

CmOsVpiVRCWzT0PAJqMwEA  fullsizeoutput_1cdf

A fine way to ring in November.


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One thought on “Congaree and “Fore!”

  1. Not only have I heard of it. I’ve actually been there several times.


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