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Almost On The Road Again

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Screenshot 2020-03-04 15.25.02As we move towards Spring….. and more importantly Daylight Savings Time (WooHoo!!!) I’ve finally left central Florida and moved up to the panhandle.  Two years ago I spent some time on the barrier island of St George.  I’m now just a few miles west, on the next island over, taking advantage of another of Florida’s fabulous state parks.  This time, St Andrews State Park.  I guess the initial settlers in this part of Florida were British.  Uh, I mean the initial European

Screenshot 2020-03-04 15.34.45

Hiking around St Andrews State Park

settlers of course.  I haven’t quite “hit the road” again though because after a week here and a couple of days knocking the “high point” of Florida off the list, I’m headed further west, just across the border to Orange Beach, Alabama for a month.  THEN I’ll be “on the road” for most of the rest of the year.

Weather’s been pretty crappy since I got here a few days ago, but I managed to explore by foot around the park for a couple of hours before the deluge begins again this afternoon.


the park interior

If I’d known it was going to hold off for this long I might have played golf this morning as the conditions would have been perfect.  Warm, but certainly not hot under the overcast skies and not even a stir of a breeze.  By the time the sun is supposed to make its next appearance the winds are supposed to pick up as well.  Such is early Spring on the Gulf.


Wading my way around Sandy Point. 

Don’t be fooled by the overhead photo, if you walk the beach around Sandy Point at high tide there are places your gonna get wet.  Plus, a lot of that beach in the satellite photo is gone after last year’s hurricane.  There’s still a lot of visible damage in and around Panama City and Panama City Beach.  Again, such is life on the Gulf.


Big difference on the leeward side

The Hermit Crabs were out in abundance along this stretch.  I have no idea why this one is walking backwards, but it seems something I’d do.

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