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Follower Interactive Test


Hello dear followers. I am experimenting with a new functionality and I need your help. I am looking to expand the viewer experience of my posts by adding 360º and panoramic photo viewing capability.  Below you’ll find a couple of photos. By clicking on the photo and then moving the cursor around in the photo you SHOULD be able to see it in its panoramic or 360º format.  Please let me know if this works by leaving a comment.


Enjoy………I hope.



Author: PR-Bike

Just a guy who loves to ride my bike

10 thoughts on “Follower Interactive Test

  1. iMac running Catalina 10.15.4 works well when I click the globe in upper right of photo. My eyes and brain? Totally discombobulated. 😉


    • Thanks Jill. Yeah, they don’t view quite as well as I was hoping. The photo in the kayak I took using the Google Street view app so it is a true 360 degree photo. Hopefully a more spacious scene will come out better.


  2. Paul – couldn’t make it move at all.
    Bob Friedman (Laurie’s dad)


  3. Didn’t work for me.


  4. Oh wait, yes it did. But it is sort of weird.


  5. Trick is to push the play button, then grab a corner and slide it.
    Didn’t work the first time I tried it either, but worked when I pushed play.


  6. Hi Paul. I wasn’t able to click on the photos to do the 360. Good luck!


  7. It’s not working for me.



  8. I did get it to work, but not on it’s own. Had to do it manually



  9. Works fine


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