Secondary Roads

My life on the road, exploring, adventuring and experiencing. Part journal, part travel guide, part history lesson, part stream of consciousness. The world is my bucket and the list is endless!


After a 25 year career in the U.S. Navy and 18 months driving Uber and Lyft in the Washington D.C. area it’s time for me to live my dream of perpetual adventure and exploration.  While I have many places I plan to visit, or re-visit, I have no set schedule and no idea where all this will take me or when I’ll get there………wherever there is.  I only hope you’ll follow along and to some extent enjoy it with me.  See ya out there…..

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Very WELL DONE my son. But I expected no less. Always said you should be a writer, didn’t I ? And it’s all because I made you get back on that bike ! Love Ya Dad


  2. Hey Cousin, Its been a lot of years. let us know when you reach Kansas City or somewhere close.


  3. we are 1 block east of the state line. either one works


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